Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Doings for The Day!

This morning I got up and made Omlets for breakfast. Took the kids to school w/their lunches in tow. Had to run by the bank for my Dad, which is over helping DH hang drywall in our addition. (I have pictures to post later) Ran to Lowes for the screws they sent me for. Came home and made DH a Chicken Patty for his breakfast-he doesn't care for omlets and my Dad had already eaten an omlet!

I just got the baby to sleep so I am going to go put her in her bed and hope she sleeps for a bit. I have Rolls to make, Tacos for the boy's lunches to make and dinner will be Chicken, veggie and rolls.

I hope to get the rolls made, take a picture and post the recipe w/the picture. I have lots to do in the kitchen so I had better get going if I want to get it all done before the boys get out of school. We have Karate starting at 5 tonight so it's rush rush rush!

Need to make some bread of some sort. I used 2 pieces earlier for DH's sandwich and I'm getting antsy about running out! So, I'll be looking for a good bread recipe. When I find it I'll post it on here along w/a picture.

Hugs!! I'm off racing.....

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