Monday, December 29, 2008

One Kids Bedroom Down and One To Go!

I uploaded the pictures of the twins room onto my computer and I'll be posting those here in a minute. The bedroom that the twins sleep in was actually the master bedroom when we bought the house. It is a very large room. With having such a big room they get to house most of the toys. So, they have toys for 5 kids in their room for the most part. So, when we painted their room about a year ago we wanted to fix shelves for all of their toys. We decided on painting it 5 different bright colors. I think it turned out pretty well. I found the Sponge Bob stickers at Lowes and thought that it would make it cute and go with the colors that we chose.

So, here's a look at the clean room~for now. Hopefully I can keep them picking up a little at a time as they play with things. I don't have a picture of before but you can just imagine all of the totes with them overflowing and everything everywhere. So, here's to a little organization. Hope you like.

The boys mini offices!

The entertaining area.

The sleeping quarters.

Where the toys are "suppose" to go!

4 out of 5 playing. (Our oldest son is out with Dad.)

So, that is what I have done since Christmas. :0)

Hugs and Pugs. I can't leave a post without a new picture of our Puggies with the kids! I wonder if they are thinking, "Man, that breeder didn't know what she was getting us into did she???!!"

My Plans For My Next Post.

I'm planning on doing a post on our twins bedroom. I worked on it for two days off and on. Just got it done and the boys loved it! Having done this about a year ago and setting up their shelves I knew it was going to take a while. When I did the redo of their room before I painted it too. So, you will see lots of color! 5 colors to be exact. They now both have their own office. They got their new offices for Christmas. I think they feel more grown up with their new offices! :0)

I'll be back later on with pictures!

Hugs and Pugs! Have a nice day.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Here are our new additions to the family.

This is Lenny our lil Mr. Nosey.

This is Squiggy our Mr. Naps~a~Lot.

Here's our new babies!! Lenny and Squiggy is what we are calling them so far. :0)

Hugs and Pugs.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

$25 Kroger Card Give Away!!

I wanted to post about a $25 gift card give away. Boy that would help out a budget.....especially with 5 kids!! If you shop at Kroger you know that if you shop well you can get quite a bit for your money. The store is always so clean!

Here's where you go to find out the details.

:0) Good Luck everyone!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Had the blahs lately.

Do you ever get the blahs? Well, I have had them here lately. I haven't wanted to do much and have felt like I have so much to do but don't feel like doing any of it~! I still need to finish wrapping up presents. Which for 5 kids is a lot to do!! I have gotten quite a bit of that done. I stayed up till almost 3 am this morning. So, I have drug myself around all day. I need to make up some snacks for our oldest son to take to school tomorrow. They are all having their Christmas party tomorrow. DS wants me to bake him a Lemon Cake. He loves that Lemon Cake!! Isn't that sweet?!! I offered to make him some Chocolate No Bake Cookies because I know he likes those but nope he wants the Lemon Cake. :0) Sad part.....I won't get a piece! LOL!!

I hope that everyone is ready for CHRISTmas. We've been talking about the true meaning of CHRISTmas with the kids. They know why we celebrate it. Our youngest son said, "Mom aren't you excited that it's almost Christmas?" I said, "Yes, I guess I am. Why are you so excited?" He said, "It's almost Jesus' birthday!" I thought that was so sweet!! Our little guy is growing up.

I wish you all a Wonderful, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Christmas Present for the Kids!

I wanted to post a picture of one of the Christmas presents the kids will be getting. I am so excited. May change my mind later! Ha! Ha! No, DH and I are very excited. We are getting the boys 2 pug puppies for Christmas!!! I can't hardly believe it myself. I have had people that know us tell me that they can't believe we are getting a puppy either! LOL DH said that he thinks getting 2 of them will help the dogs have each other to play with. Plus it will help the kids hopefully from fighting over them.

I don't think our oldest son checks my blog.....well, I sure hope not anyway! LOL If so he's in BIG trouble! If he does check it we'll have to take that plasma he's wanting back!!! No, really we didn't get him a plasma. That's what he has been saying he wants. I have told him that he's just dreaming. Look around do we have any plasmas in the house? No! So, quit looking. Then he says well, where's my wii? Umm, there again, NO WII for Christmas either. The 3 older boys each have their own playstation and t.v. (which is mostly not being used....for some reason or another.....usually because they have it taken away.)

Anyway, I wanted to share a picture of one of the puppies with you. I would like to name them Lenny and Sqiggy. I also like Pete and Repeat, or Tom and Jerry. One of the twins has really been wanting a dog and wants to name it Biscuit. So we could have Biscuit and Gravy or Sausage and Biscuit. So, who knows what they will be named. DH likes Brutis....he said they need a BIG dog's name because they'll be little. I honestly don't like that name. They'll always be Lenny and Squiggy to me! LOL

So, I leave you with this picture. I just think it's adorable!! Hugs To You All.