Monday, December 29, 2008

One Kids Bedroom Down and One To Go!

I uploaded the pictures of the twins room onto my computer and I'll be posting those here in a minute. The bedroom that the twins sleep in was actually the master bedroom when we bought the house. It is a very large room. With having such a big room they get to house most of the toys. So, they have toys for 5 kids in their room for the most part. So, when we painted their room about a year ago we wanted to fix shelves for all of their toys. We decided on painting it 5 different bright colors. I think it turned out pretty well. I found the Sponge Bob stickers at Lowes and thought that it would make it cute and go with the colors that we chose.

So, here's a look at the clean room~for now. Hopefully I can keep them picking up a little at a time as they play with things. I don't have a picture of before but you can just imagine all of the totes with them overflowing and everything everywhere. So, here's to a little organization. Hope you like.

The boys mini offices!

The entertaining area.

The sleeping quarters.

Where the toys are "suppose" to go!

4 out of 5 playing. (Our oldest son is out with Dad.)

So, that is what I have done since Christmas. :0)

Hugs and Pugs. I can't leave a post without a new picture of our Puggies with the kids! I wonder if they are thinking, "Man, that breeder didn't know what she was getting us into did she???!!"


Puglette said...

hi angie, your son's room looks great! i love the two desks and the wall of shelves and baskets. is everyone getting along? do the puggies like the kids?

HDMac said...

I didn't know you had a blog until I saw the link on your SS post today! YAHOO! LOVE seeing your family and posts... am going to add it to my favorite posts so I can keep up! LOVE it!

Love the room, Angie! you have done a great job!!
Happy New Year!!!!!

Big hugs,

Angie said...

Thanks Marcia. I visited your blog too and love it! It's so neat w/all that you have added to it.

I think I found it a while back but it may have been before I had mine.


Nancy said...

Angie, the twins room is great! It's wonderful how much thought you put into making it "user friendly" for all the kidlets!



Angie said...

Thanks Cheapie!!

Hope you had a nice Christmas and enjoy the new year.


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