Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a week! Trying to Stay Positive.

It has been a long week. I have felt yucky all week. Nose is stuffy and chest feels tight/congested/heavy. I am trying to stay positive though. God has done great and mighty things so that we can share his word with others.

I went to a ladies conference on May 15th. It was awesome! I really enjoyed the messages these ladies had. JoJo Moffitt and Francie Taylor are just great speakers. I just felt revived after they spoke. Ready to go out and conquer the world! :0) I took notes while I was there so that I can look back over them again and again.

This weekend will be a long weekend and I can't wait. I know that it will fly by but I want to enjoy every minute of being able to be with my family. This is the closest thing I will have to a vacation until the next holiday weekend (4th of July or Labor Day). I will be taking the boys swimming on Saturday-weather permitting. I really want the twins to learn how to swim before church camp this summer. That is my biggest obstacle right now! I would feel so much better if I knew they could swim. The pool that they have at the camp will be over their heads! YIKES! I want them to be able to go to camp......but the Momma in my wants to keep them home forever!

I haven't had much sewing time in because of our working on our addition. I had to pack it all up so that the painters and trim work people could work. I would love to set it back up and be able to get some sewing done. I was know it's bad when I start to think! HA! We have 2 closets in our room-why couldn't I use one of the closets (mine) and put a very small table in it and put my machine in there so I can just leave it set up and open the door when I want to sew and close the door when I am done. I can leave whatever I am working on on the machine and still leave it tidy around the area. I'm still working on the idea. :0)

Our room turned out beautifully. It is a dusty leaf (green). We also had our livingroom and hallways done! I LUV IT! Those are a very pretty blue up top and a white chair rail then a sand color on the bottom. TOTALLY LOVE IT!! I will have to post some pictures!! :0) Just to let you know, my husband and I don't really like the color blue. So, this has been a challenge for him and myself. I found the colors and just loved them together. I told him, lets just give it a chance-we both really like it! The white chair rail really sets it off.

The kids are doing great. The boys got out of school on May 19th. Lucas is working with the twins on their reading. He has always said he wanted to be a, he's being a great help and working with them. I am so blessed to have such a great helper. Lucas is wanting to go to both of the summer church camps this year. We are planning on letting him. He is such a big help to us that he deserves a break away and to have some fun. I know he will really enjoy it. He went the year before last and really liked it. The first week he will be gone to teen camp then they will have a week's break then the jr. camp will go, so we will have 3 gone for the jr. camp. I am glad that Lucas can go because the twins haven't been away from home without at least one of us being with them. This will be a challenge for all of us. We'll only have the two little ones at home! What will we do? Meals will be different-won't have to cook much at all.....the 3 best eaters will be away. Boy I should probably warn the cooks at the camp. HA!! HA!!

I almost forgot to mention that our youngest son Logan graduated from Kindergarden on May 21. He did so good! They do a little program and he did great. We got tickled at him because they do their alphabet forward and backward. When they went to do the alphabet backward he was suppose to turn around and say it backward while turned backward-HE FORGOT TO TURN AROUND~he was the only one still facing the audience. Everyone got tickled. I'm so glad I was recording that!! HA! I got some sweet pictures of him too. While we were getting ready to leave the house I got several pictures of all of the kids together too. Was funny, all of the boys had orange in their shirts......would have thought we had planned it that way but we didn't. :0)

I must go for now. I hope to update soon with some pictures of our work at the house.

Stay positive and know that you have a friend in Jesus.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've been MIA for a while again....Sorry!

I know I've been out for a bit again. Have some things to update. I am taking a break for a minute just to update.

About a month ago I got the idea to cut out the cable and internet from our home. I know some may gasp! HA!! It has actually been just fine. The kids will miss it this summer but.....I don't want them sitting in front of the television all summer long wasting their time away. We have all been reading more-I love it! DH even commented about not missing it. We do however have about 6 or 7 televisions in our home. We have lots of movies so they will be used but not much. That is ok! I like the little challenge that I gave us. :0) We can get online with DBIL's dial up connection that he has but I don't know how often we'll actually use that. I just don't want my family time to be wasted sitting in front of a box. I'm not at all saying that T.V. is bad-although some of the programs that come on are totally not what I want my 5 children watching-or myself. So, for now we'll continue our journey without the cable. :0)

I am still working full time. Still praying that God will allow me to go back home to be with the children. I miss being there with them daily! I am still staying positive and continuing to pray. So, please help in that prayer if you would. I would so appreciate it.

I try to get in some sewing whenever posible. I am still working on Cory's Red, White and Blue quilt. It will have the rail fences in it. :0) It's coming along. I should really post some pictures as soon as I can~making a mental note of that!! :0)

I am excited that I have gained more followers! That is terrific. Thank you! I will be visiting your blog too. Please feel free to comment any time. I just love comments! :0)

Thanks for checking in and have a positive, creative, beautiful and blessed day! (Wow! The thunder just started! WHEW! That was loud and long-still going!) :0)

My new little motto~~ No matter what is going on in this life, we have to stay positive-someone else may be watching. I want to be positive for those that can't be! Don't you?