Friday, February 27, 2009

Just got my internet back again......

Right after I got the internet after the ice storm it went back out again!! So, here I am again. It has just irritated me to not be able to check on anything at all. So, the clean up has been slow around town. Lots of people still don't have cable, phone or internet. Trees have just been stripped! Roofs, windows, cars, lawn furniture, swingsets you name it it has been broken, destroyed or crushed! Insurance companies are probably hating a time like this.

Well, with any luck at all I'll keep my internet connection. I'll post again soon.

Hugs to all.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Weather Outside Has Been Frightful..!!

The weather that we have had here lately has just been terrible! We have been very blessed that God has watched over us all. The power outages, the water being shut off, no heat, not being able to cook food, no grocery stores being open, no kerosine, the lines for gas being a mile long-no joke!! It has been just unbelievable! Even through all of this my family, DMIL, and close friend were able to stay warm, eat because I could cook on our gas stove (couldn't use the oven but was able to cook on the burners) and stay clean with warm showers. We have a gas hot water heater and our water supply was not affected. Thank the Good Lord for all he did for us. I have told everyone that we were blessed to have everything that we needed.

I know that so many were cold, without water and probably hungry. I know that there were some that lost their lives during this. I can just say that it makes me realize how much our family was blessed.

School started back at the boy's private school on yesterday. There are still some kids that go there that have no power still. The public schools have not gone back to school yet. I believe they are looking at starting back tomorrow. We'll see. We have some terrible wind forecast for today. The power may still go out we are warned. If so, I'll crank up the kerosine heater and we'll hunker down again. Thank the Lord for alternate ways of keeping warm.

I know I've gotten away from talking about cooking some but I have cooked 3 meals a day since this storm hit over 2 weeks ago. So, I've not forgotten how to cook that's for sure. I've made Chicken and Dumplins, Dale's Chicken in a skillet-which was very good, Spaghetti, Manwich, Tacos, Hamburger Helper, breakfast every morning without biscuts! LOL When the power came back on I made some of just about everything I could think of just to use the oven since it had been a while!!

Well, hugs and love to you all. I hope that God has watched over all of you like he has us.