Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boomerang 5 Block Swap

Here are some of the blocks that I made over the weekend. I am doing the Boomerang 5 on the quilting board that I am a member of. There are a bunch of wonderful women and men that quilt on this board.  You take 35 fat Eigths and mail them to 35 different people. They will in turn be mailing out their fabric. You create a block using their fabric and their color choices. You get to pick what pattern. This is such a neat concept. You end up with 35 blocks to create whatever you like. You keep some fabric and you add one to it so you can do a quilt of 6 blocks X 6 blocks. 

My quilt is going to be for our oldest son Lucas. He is 13 and all boy that is for sure. I was trying to think of what kind of quilt I could do for him so when this swap came up I just knew I should do this for him. So, I hope he likes what everyone will be creating for him.

I was wanting to get as many blocks done as I could while I had the weekend.  Saturday I was gone until late in the afternoon. I think I did pretty well over the weekend considering I was taking care of the family plus trying to sew.

This is my block for Janet (MOM). I hope it's not to bland. My husband seems to think it is. I just think it looks calming.  :)  I hope that Mom likes it.

This block was the block I did for JaneCat. She is making a quilt for her son. I hope it works for her.  :)

This block is for RoseySue. I loved the flowers in this one.  :)  I hope I did it some justice. 

This next couple I did for some others. I will have to double check who they are for because my info is at home. They were mailed out today. With people having different screen names as real names it throws me off. Doesn't take much. HA HA!! I believe this first one is for KReinhart. She does the QOV.

I believe this one is for Selfhunter....

I think this one is for MFQS

That's all for now folks. I will post more when I make them. I hope that the people that I am swapping with like what I made for them. I'm going to have to swap up patterns. I just hate to cut the fabric up into little bits though.  Have a terr....ific day!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I have been using lately to sew on.

1951 Singer 99K Sewing machine. I call her Baby. She sews like a dream. Love it! My Mom and Dad had this gem at their house. I was talking about old machines one day and they have several!! 


This is our oldest son Lucas. He just graduated 8th grade. I also have his little sister that wanted to wear his cap and gown too in these pictures.  Mary-Grace has a while to go before graduating. She's only 3. Hard to believe that Lucas is 13 now and going to be a Freshman.  

Chemo Caps made by me.

I was ask to make some chemo caps for a friend for a lady that she works with. I was very happy to do it for her. She gave me money to go shopping to pick out the fabric for this lady. I tried to pick out a variety of fabric so she would have a selection of things to wear. I am making four for her and here are the first 2.  I sewed them both on the Singer 99K you see in the picture. I call her Baby.  ;-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finished Baby Quilt

Here's the baby quilt that I made for my cousin and his wife for their new baby. I had originally planned to applique the baby's name on it. They changed the name so I am glad that I found out before doing so.  This was the softest quilt ever. I just loved it. I hope they enjoy it too.  :)  I worked on this off and on for quite a while.

My label was made by a lady that does a fabulous job!  They are so much nicer than any little chinsy label you could get at Wal-Mart. These things are big too.

This is her blog: http://threadsgaloresewmuchmore.blogspot.com/  Here's a link of some of the other labels that I got from her. I put a quarter by them so that you could see the size of the labels.  http://www.quiltingboard.com/t-102296-1.htm

It's been a while since my last post.

Block for the Monthly Block Swap that I do.

Another block for the swap.

Our little girl is growing up. She's 3 now and rides a big girl bike.

She saw a little girl in the grocery store and wanted braids in her hair too. =)
It's been a while since I've put anything on my blog. It has been neglected for sure. I need to make sure I start blogging more again. With working and home I've just had a lot going on. It seems like there just isn't enough time in the day.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. You go to work, come home rush to make dinner, now I'm getting my husband off to work then time for bed for the kids. Get them all bathed and in the bed, whew. I'm just spent. 

I have been trying to paint and declutter our house. My sweet Dad came over and he's trying to help me get it done. I think he feels bad for me.  ;-)  So, hopefully my kitchen will be done. =)

I am going to post a few pictures because lets face it-who doesn't love seeing pictures on a blog, right?