Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Christmas Present for the Kids!

I wanted to post a picture of one of the Christmas presents the kids will be getting. I am so excited. May change my mind later! Ha! Ha! No, DH and I are very excited. We are getting the boys 2 pug puppies for Christmas!!! I can't hardly believe it myself. I have had people that know us tell me that they can't believe we are getting a puppy either! LOL DH said that he thinks getting 2 of them will help the dogs have each other to play with. Plus it will help the kids hopefully from fighting over them.

I don't think our oldest son checks my blog.....well, I sure hope not anyway! LOL If so he's in BIG trouble! If he does check it we'll have to take that plasma he's wanting back!!! No, really we didn't get him a plasma. That's what he has been saying he wants. I have told him that he's just dreaming. Look around do we have any plasmas in the house? No! So, quit looking. Then he says well, where's my wii? Umm, there again, NO WII for Christmas either. The 3 older boys each have their own playstation and t.v. (which is mostly not being used....for some reason or another.....usually because they have it taken away.)

Anyway, I wanted to share a picture of one of the puppies with you. I would like to name them Lenny and Sqiggy. I also like Pete and Repeat, or Tom and Jerry. One of the twins has really been wanting a dog and wants to name it Biscuit. So we could have Biscuit and Gravy or Sausage and Biscuit. So, who knows what they will be named. DH likes Brutis....he said they need a BIG dog's name because they'll be little. I honestly don't like that name. They'll always be Lenny and Squiggy to me! LOL

So, I leave you with this picture. I just think it's adorable!! Hugs To You All.


Miriam said...

LOL, they will be SO cute!! I can't wait to see what they get named :P

Puglette said...

Hi, thank you for following my silly blog. How exciting to get two puggy puppies!! They will keep you all entertained, they are great little doggies. They play together really well, even if they are not litter mates.

Puglette said...

hi angie, thanks for the great comment! anyone that likes bruce springsteen and pugs is all right with me! ;o)
have a great day!

Duckygirl said...

Not one puppy for Christmas but two! Wow, that's got to be exciting for them! :)

I'm adding you to my blog reader...I'll be back (hope that's ok?)


Daisy Pug said...

Thanks for the comment! You are going to be soooo happy with your pug puppies!! They are THE CUTEST when they are small and clumsy. I would love to have one but we already have Daisy AND two cats... Good luck with them and enjoy!