Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just 10 days till our Sweet Baby Girl turns 1 year old!!

I took some pictures of her after church tonight and had to add them here. I just loved them. She's just so pretty. DH and I look at her all of the time and are just amazed at how pretty she is. We went through so much while I was carrying her that we truly know that each one of our children are a blessing from God. Please hug your kids and let them know you love them. One day one of you won't be on the other end of that hug. When you talk to your children/parents/loved ones let them know you love them by telling them. Don't just think they know I love them, tell them and show them by just a hug......a hug that they will remember you gave them. It means so much.

Anyway, sort of got emotional there. Here are pictures of our sweetest baby girl. Can you tell she likes the remote? Let me tell you she loves the telephone too.


Anonymous said...

Why would you be surprised that she's such a pretty little angel? The two of you just need to check in the mirror to see how that happened:)

What a little sweetie! And where on earth did that year go? I hope you're saving your money for prom dresses; one morning you're going to get up and discover that she grew up right before your eyes.

Be sure to give her a big hug from her "Gramma", and while you're at it, hug each of her ruff & tuff brothers, too.

Miriam said...

OMG, what a CU-TIE!!!!!! Thanks for posting the pictures :)

Angie said...

Thank you both. We just love her to pieces. Her brothers too, you know!

HDMac said...

Oh, Angie, she is an angel! I remember when you were expecting her... sigh.. time does fly doesn't it? So glad you are back in SS