Saturday, October 11, 2008

Challenge Update!!

Here is what I bought at the grocery. I still have some $ left over to buy a few things toward the end of the month. I'll tell you what all I got and how much I spent for each then my total and my leftover $ for the month. I think I did pretty well.

4-4 lb bags Sugar 4/$5
5 lb bag Flour $2.88
Sour Cream $1.38
Butter $2.50
Dale's Seasoning $2.68
Store Brand Corn 2/$ .88
Store Brand Peas 2/$ .88
Store Brand G.Beans 2/$ .88
Store Brand Crm Mush Soup 2/$ .98
Stove Top (treat & Sale!) 2/$3.00
4-Loafs Store Brand Bread $ .83 each
1-Kraft Singles $1.66
Santitas Chips (very good!) $2.08
Steak Buns for lunch tomorrow $1.58
Total Amount Spent $29.71

Amount Allowed for the Remainder of the Month $50.00
Amount Spent So Far $29.71
Leaves This Amount For the Rest of the Month $20.29

So, what do you think? Think I can do it? I bought the four & sugar so I can make bread & tea. That will help out a lot. I'll keep you posted on what I spend the next time I have to.

Dinner tonight was Mummified Chicken, Corn and Stove Top. It was very good. I forgot to take a picture. I wish I had, but we were quite it went on the plates as fast as it came out of the oven.

Until next time, stay safe. Oh! Speaking of staying safe, we went to pick up the van yesterday & they are going to have to fix some things that were not right so week 3 without it!



Robin Dawn said...

You did a wonderful job!!! I want to say I just came across your blog, and I really enjoy reading it, it is so real and I can relate very well. I also have five children, although I did it opposite of you, I had my daughter first, and then my 4 crazy, oh so helpful boys. I am going to be a grandma the beginning of June.... I can't wait!!!
Thanks for your wonderful reading~~
Robin Dawn

Angie said...


Thanks for your comment. I just recently started my blog. I really enjoy it. Gives me something sort of creative to do and helps me keep up with spending too.

Congratulations on being a new Grandma!! I bet you are excited.

Again, Thanks for your sweet comment. I love comments!


Miriam said...

Do I think you can do it? You bet I do :) Keep up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

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