Saturday, October 18, 2008

I tried my hand at decorating a cake. I'm no professional....

Here's the cake that I decorated for Little Missy. It's a chocolate cake and I made the icing and added some pink coloring to it. I made two 9" cakes and iced in between them. I'm hoping that it will taste good. I did forget to cross my "t" in Birthday, Bulldog pointed that out to me. LOL It takes a 7 year old to let you know you've done something wrong! LOL

Anyway, I didn't think I did too bad considering that I don't normally do this. I got the edible image from my friend that works at Dairy Queen-it cost me $3.18. Not too bad for something like that I thought. Considering going to Wal-Mart and getting a cake it a min. $20! If I would have gotten the ice cream cake there at DQ it would have been like $30! So....$3.18 is ok for me! I made the icing and had the cake already so it was CHEAP!

I need to subtract that $3.18 from my last bit of food money for the rest of the month.

Well, I just wanted to post my cake. Not professional but at least I can tell her when she grows up that I made her 1st Birthday Cake myself. DH said just go buy her the cake! I said no, I want to do this!! I really felt good making that today. I wish that I would have done this with the boys. No reason why I didn't I just didn't. I wish I would have.

Well, it's someone's bedtime so I'd better get her ready. The boys need to get in the bed too. We have church in the morning.

Hugs to all. Hey-if you've read anything on my blog.....don't be afraid to post a comment. I LOVE COMMENTS! That tells me SOMEONE is actually reading!! LOL LOL

God Bless.


Miriam said...

I read your blog!! :)
The cake looks good! I've never "eaten" any edible images, but have seen a few on some cakes. Was it a design they already had, or did you take them a picture to copy?

Tennille said...

Angie, Loved the cake you made. Just made Ian's birthday cake also. Decorated the top of the cake with toy dinos, rocks and trees. The kids loved it!! Hope camp meeting was great. Tell everyone at Grace we said hello. Love Tennille