Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here is a picture that is worth a thousand words. My husband got the idea to write on the twins (we call them Bear and Bull Dog) when they were about 3 years old. I love that picture!! So, I had it put on their cake for their 7th birthday. Can you see why I love that picture so much? I just had to share it with everyone. My little guys are just growing up on me now! This is them on their birthday with their new bikes in Feb. They're still acting silly!

This is our oldest son we call him Bub sometimes or LT. He loves the New England Patriots! He got this hoodie for Christmas and just loved it. He is such a big help to us and we really appreciate that he does like to help out.

This is our youngest one we call him Lo Lo or DH likes to call him Biggest Guy! My friend made his cake for him and he just loved it! He turned 4 in March and he said it was his best birthday ever! He was so happy that day. So sweet!

We love our boys. We didn't know what it was like to have a girl for over 10 years! Now it's really nice, we have our boys and our girl and they all love to do things for her. She will never have a date.....never get married......they'll take up for her forever I believe! HA!

I have to get started on our Christmas gifts shortly. I think Bub and I have decided to do something for his teacher. We are going to do a Scrap-Cookbook of his favorite recipes for her. This is his last year in her class. He has had her for a teacher for 3 different years. She's an awesome teacher and I wish everyone could have a teacher like her. He had her for 1st grade, 5th grade and now 6th. Just a great teacher!

Bull Dog and Bear and I will have to come up with something for their teacher. Not sure what to do for her. Lo and I well, he has 3 different teachers so I'm not sure what to do for them either. I know I need to get going on it thought that's for sure.

Gotta run and get some things done.


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