Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Morning.....

Good Morning. Beginning my day. Boy is it chilly out today! The kids are off to school in long sleeves and jackets. I can't believe it has gotten this cool already! Time for the air conditioning to take a breather!! YEAH! DH will still want it on though! BRRRR!! Will have to take a heater to work w/me! HA!!

Well, I'm off to work. Will hopefully check back in later on. Have a good day!

Need to figure out what is for dinner. Tomorrow I'll put a Boston Butt on before I leave for work so we can have some shredded sandwiches. Those are always good. I cook the meat in Dale's Seasoning. That stuff is Awesome!! If you haven't tried it you need to get a bottle. You can cook any kind of meat with it and it's awesome! I add it to the meatloaf when I'm mixing it up or to Pork Chops, Chicken....just anything!

Gotta run.

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HDMac said...

You have a WONDERFUL day! Will be busy sewing here... I hope! lol