Friday, June 12, 2009

More Big News!

After blogging about my new job I feel funny blogging about it again BUT I got offered another job!!! I know if anyone that knows about English they know that I just made a really big run on sentence. So, forgive me for the long sentence. :0) Anyway, I got a phone call on Monday evening about the job that I have been waiting 3 months for. The job that I have been wanting and praying about was mine to start the very next day (I had the day off from my other job). So, for 19 days I have 2 jobs. I like them both actually so it's not so bad. My 2 bosses from the job that I am leaving keep asking me if I want to change my mind. :0) They like to torture me like that. They know that we all get along and that I like my job and don't mind doing it. I am really going to miss them. My new boss seems really nice too. He's usually not in town though so I will be dealing with him mostly from the phone.

Now to explain what my new job is....I am a Rep for CDL Training Services & Consulting, Inc. I work through the college by my office is off campus. I have my own office, love that part! I have been cleaning it out and fixing my was such a mess!!!! What am I to do you might ask? Well, I am the person that is to be on the phone and out and about looking for new students for our school. So, if you know anyone that wants their CDL let me know! :0) I am the one that gets all of their questions answered and tries to find them a way into the school. This might be them paying cash, getting a loan that is deferred for 6 months after the classes or there are programs for people that have low income or that are layed off because of their place of employment moving or closing down.

So, as I am excited about my new job I'm still sad to leave my other job. I'll have to go and visit them sometime and pick on them. :0)

Well, just an update from here. OH, I even have sad news. I found out today that my FAVORITE store in the whole wide world is closing due to the husband getting a different job and them having to move away!! I am just so saddened by the news. I have posted the pictures of my Block of the Month blocks. Well, this is where I go to do the Block of the Month. I so wish that she wasn't but I understand that when God has a plan for you that is what you need to do. Just like in the case with the job situation. Oh and just in case you are wondering Dana is making sure that we Block of the Month people get to finish our blocks. She is making up all of the kits and will have them ready at our last meeting. How sweet is that. She's just really going to be missed I know by so many others and by me. These classes are what have really gotten me into sewing more. They have taught me little tricks here and there and I have enjoyed these classes more than Dana will ever know. :0)

Well, I'm tired and need to get some rest. Hugs to all that are reading. Don't forget....if you're reading then post me a line. I'd love to hear from you!!

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Miriam said...

Wow! Things are exciting in your world! :) It's always exciting to really see God's hand working in our lives.