Saturday, September 19, 2009

We all want to save money right?

We all want to save money right? Well, I go to a favorite site and have found people just like me!! There are tons and tons of things that will save you money, challenges, recipes, just tons and tons of information. I go there several times a day if I am near a computer. I have just started a Quilt Block Swap on there with some ladies that like to sew/quilt/embroider. You can find all kinds of things that would benefit you. Debt Reduction/Management, Utilities, Auto, gardening, scrapbooking, outdoor frugal things just tons and tons of things. My favorites right now are our organizing for the holidays and the section that we are all talking about our Christmas ideas for gift giving. We are all trying to figure out what cute/sensible/afordable gift we can give to our loved one for Christmas. Thinking ahead and being prepared is what is also going to help. Lots of sites for patterns for those that sew and do crafts.

I hope you will go and check it out. I signed up about a year and a half ago. I just love it. Everyone helps everyone.

I hope you'll join me over there. I am Angielikes2cook. Here is the site:

As far as I am concerned this place will always be my favorite place to go for all things frugal!!!

Thanks for reading.

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