Thursday, November 12, 2009

HUGE GIVEAWAY!! Check this out!

Ok, so everyone knows I like to cook and take care of my family. Well, back at the begining of the year I started taking some quilting classes at our local quilt shop. Loved it!! Well, I have been trying to get in some sewing time as much as possible but w/5 kids and then starting back to work I haven't had the time. Well, here lately I have been getting in some time here and there and just really enjoy it.

I found a new blog tonight and really enjoyed looking around and am very excited to be able to get some fabric that I can't get from our local shop here. Barb is coming out with a new line of fabric next year and it sounds wonderful. While reading I realized that she has a giveaway going on. Well, I just had to enter!! You know me!!! This giveaway is as Donald Trump would say UUGE!!

I hope that she doesn't mind me posting it like this but I wanted you all to see what she has to offer.....then you could take a look for yourself and the goodies she has on her site for anyone that is a sewer or crafter or quilter.....

Here is what Barb has to say,

"Grand Opening of my web site!

November 3

Welcome to the Grand Opening of my web site, I am just so proud of all the work my web wizard Corinne did, that I wanted to show it off. Every month I will have a new recipe and a new mystery block of the month. I will keep you up to date with my blog and try to have some surprises along the way.

To celebrate I am giving away two baskets, worth $200 each. Aren’t they beautiful? A basket contains a 40 piece fat quarter pack from Moda, a ruler, quilting gloves, fancy scissors and more. And of course, chocolate!!!"

So, I know that you are very curious and are just itching to take a look at her site and her blog so here is the link. :0)

Good Luck to everyone, especially to Barb with her new site.

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Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad you liked my tutorial on the Christmas stocking. You don't have a checkmark in front of Show my email in your Profile so I couldn't email you back.