Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here are the pictures of our poor van that got hit by the deer.

Here are the pictures of our van that got hit by the deer yesterday!! $500 deductable!! What a rip off! Use to it was you didn't have to pay a deductable when you hit a deer but now you do. It goes on your collision and not comprehensive. So......we'll get it fixed when we come up w/the $$$. This just stinks! I had just got it washed and the gas tank filled up yesterday then this happened. I am thankful to God that none of us were hurt.


mary grace said...

Wow! I forget what damage a deer can do!

Glory68 said...

Angie, whether it is comp or collision really depends on the insurance company and the way their policy is written. It's also a problem when the wind blows a shopping cart into your vehicle. At the company I worked for, animals are still comp, as are objects that were moving at the time of impact. Some companies make it a matter of whether you hit the deer or the deer hit you. I would get out the policy and read it carefully, threaten to change companies, talk to a supervisor, be firm and see if anything can be done. Get your agent involved. They can usually do more for you than anyone because they don't want to lose your business/commission.

Anonymous said...

Wow Angie, your vans are deer magnets I guess! Maybe you should find some deer repellent to smear on your car, lol. Hope you have a nice weekend! : ) china