Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Eventful Weekend!

Our weekend sure was eventful! We had my nephew spend the night with us Friday night. Saturday was our little cousin's birthday party. Saturday night the nephew left. Sunday was the WIND from IKE!!! It was terrible!! The kids still aren't back in school!!!!! It's Tuesday!! There are still people without power. Some were without water as well. We were out of power from about 10:30 am until after 3pm Sunday. We were very blessed to have gotten it on that quick. I kept praying it would come back on. I was worried about all of our meat in the deep freezer.

Well, DH is working out in the yard and needs my assistance. So.....I'm off to help.




Miriam said...

I'm so glad you got power back on so fast! Deep freezers are GREAT, but can really be a big loss if you lose power for too long (and don't have a generator).

Angie said...

DH tried to get a generator but they were sold out! Bummer!

All is ok in the freezer though. YIPPY!