Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Weekend.

Hello. On Friday we dropped off the van to get it fixed. He said there was a lot of damage! LOL I knew that!! Today my dear husband talked to them and we should get it back this Friday. He said there was $3400 in damage! we know there was plenty of damage!

On Sunday on our way home from church Larry was driving and at the same spot another deer ran out in front of our other van! Can you believe that?!! I had just said the deer came out right about here and right after I said here one came flying at us!! He slams on his breaks and the deer runs right in front of us. We just barely missed that thing! It was smaller than the one that I had hit on Wednesday. I was shaking so bad after that happened. So, for a while we are not traveling that route! We'll take the parkway and pray that we don't see any of those beautiful creatures there.

Well, time to get dinner going. We're having Ham and beans and maybe some cornbread. Hugs to you and please watch out for the deer that are running wild!

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Miriam said...

Ooof. Nothing like an unplanned expense! Hope they can fix it back to the way it was!

I tagged you over on my blog, come on over for more info! :)