Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today has been a filled day. The baby had a check-up today. Boy has she grown! She is up to 17 lb and 14 oz. I think she was 29" long, maybe 29 something. She is doing good. They checked her iron and all is well. Hard to believe that she will be a year old in Oct. Time just flys!

I made up my menu for next week. I really need to stick to it. Here it is in case you are interested. It will help me keep track of it putting it here too. I also have my grocery list made out so that I can make sure I have all of the things that I need. I have meat in the freezer and will pick some up if it's on sale.


Chicken Alfredo and Salad


Melt in Your Mouth Chicken (has it's own gravy)

Mashed Potatoes




We will be eating dinner at church. I will be taking Cream Corn and a dessert.


Oven Cooked Pork Loin Chops in a bag and season


Baked Potatoes


Cooked Carrots


Bean Burritos



Spaghetti Pizza

Green Beans

Garlic Bread


Meatballs and Brown Gravy

Mashed Potatoes



Lunches will be:

Homemade Pizza (Italian Sausage and Pepperoni)
Taco Soup
Tacos or Taco Salad
Chili with cornbread
Buttered Noodles (from grace4gayle)
Pb&J, Tuna, Grilled Cheese etc.

I would love to hear from anyone else what they do for meals. Do you plan them? This seems to help save money because you know exactly what you need for the week and don't have to run out and get something quick and or frozen.


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Anonymous said...

Angie, I try to plan out our dinners but I have trouble with lunches. Usually we will have leftovers from the night before but when there are none we normally end up eating pb&j. I wish I had more freezer space so I could make more of those OAMC meals!