Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A few pictures of our family.....

I just love this picture of these two sweet little faces!

Here is our sweet baby girl. She is so sweet. Just growing up too fast.

Here is a recent picture of all of the kids. Of course the only girl in the picture is crying! Those boys!! They hate wearing shirts around the house.

I just thought I would share. They may not be the best photos compared to professional photos but these are photos of my kids in real life, not all gussied up and in their Sunday best. Just them being them photos and those are my favorites!


Donna said...

Thanks 4 posting on my blog!
Looks like your family is similar to mine. But I have six kids, all boys but #5--only one girl too!
1-4 are boys and #6.

Your babies are beautiful!
I would love to see your re-fried bean recipe that U mentioned on my blog. If U ever post it, please let me know!

Welcome to blogland!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! So many big smiles to see! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your kids with us~


HDMac said...

I love the pics! Such sweeties!!!!

Great blog, Angie!!!