Friday, August 8, 2008

I was ask to post the recipe that I use for Refried Beans. These are by far the best beans ever! First off what I do is I take my Pinto beans and soak them over night in water. The next morning I drain the water and put the beans into my crockpot. I add bacon, salt and pepper to them and cook them until dinner (for some of you that's supper) time. I will make them just beans for dinner then the next day I will make Refried Beans out of them. You can do it the same night as well, I just choose not to. If you aren't going to use them right away to make your Refried beans freeze until you are going to. You will want to make them Refried Beans and eat them right then. They will loose all of their juice if you freeze them.

I will post the link to one of my favorite places to visit. She has a wonderful collection of recipes here and it's just awesome! I don't really want to take her recipe and put it here, so I'll just link it for you. I hope that you make them and enjoy them like we do.

Also, you can eat them as a side or make Bean Burritos. My boys love Bean and Cheese Burritos! Which I guess my boys like most beans that I have made. That is such a plus. They are very good eaters. We have had several kids over at the house that really don't eat a wide variety of foods and I'm so thankful that my kids like different things. I would say that son #3 is the best about trying new foods. He will try anything to eat! It's funny because if I'm making something new I always have him try it first. He's also the skinniest! HA! HA!

Hope your day is a blessed one.


Donna said...

Thanks for posting the link!

Angie said...

You are very welcome. Let me know if you try them and how you liked them.