Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Needing Your Prayers for Our 2 Year Old!!

Tonight as I was changing MG's diaper I looked up at her and noticed something in her nose. I got to looking closer.......it was one of those plastic beads! It was lodged in her nose. I tried getting her to blow her nose and it wouldn't come out. She said it hurt. Well, I called my DMIL and she said to try sucking it out with one of those bulb suringe things.....wouldn't come out. So, I called my DH which was on his way home. He said take her and go........ So, I ran out the door to the urgent care and they immediately took us back. They tried to get it out but she fought so hard that it just made it go further back into the nose.

They decided to call one of the ENT's and thankfully Dr. Dave came in and took us upstairs. With much restraint yet again MG was held down and finally God gave that bead to Dr. Dave! Well, as he looked closer he saw something else. He tugged on it and it wouldn't come out. So......at 5:30 am MG will have to be at the Same Day Surgery to have whatever it is taken out.

Please keep our baby in your prayers. I will be by myself as DH has to be at work. My DMIL will be taking the kids to school for us. Her surgery is scheduled for 7:10 am. Please pray that God will guide the Dr.'s hands and that our precious baby will be ok.

As soon as I am able to post again I will. I just have to make sure she's going to be ok. Thank you all.


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Angie said...

Hi Angie,

I hope everything goes will with your little ones surgery.