Sunday, January 11, 2009

Please pray with me.....

Please pray with me for my 82 year old Grandmother Katie. She is just the sweetest lady you could ever imagine! She has always wanted to make sure you weren't hungry. She always gives the kids snacks when they come to visit. The kids love going to Mamaw Katie's!! I actually just went to see her friday morning. She looked fine. That's why it shocked me when DH woke me up at 1 am and told me that I had got a call that she was at he ER. She was having trouble breathing and was hot. I actually beat the ambulance to the hospital.

When she got to the hospital they were trying to figure out what was wrong. IT did sound like she had had a heart attack. She has congestive heart failure and she aparrently hadn't been taking her meds. She was full of fluid. If my Uncle hadn't called they said she would have died! They started giving her the lasics to get the fluid off.

Well, I'll fast forward to today. She has had to have 2 pints of blood, she's on the ventulator but it's down to 8% now. They are keeping her asleep so she doesn't pull out the tubes, like she was doing early Sat. morning. It's so hard to see her like this. They think she may have had a small heart attack, they said it didn't affect her heart though. The Dr.'s think she may be able to come off the vent in a couple of days. They want to wake her up and see how she's doing in the morning. She is a diabetic, she has had surgery for various things and been so close to dying. She has always came back to us better than every. I just pray God will help her with this. I know God's will will be done, but that selfish side of me begs God to let us keep her here for FOREVER!! We love that woman!! She's just awesome!

I've been up there several times and it just seems so strange to see her in that bed. She's always up moving. She still gets her own groceries, goes shopping for clothes etc. Oh, and she's going to be so mad!! They had to cut her clothes off of her. My Uncle said that she had just put those clothes on while he was calling 911. So, I really hope that it wasn't anything she really liked. I said we'll have to give her a gift card so she can go buy a new outfit!

Well, I just hope you'll say a prayer for my Mamaw. She sure does mean a lot to her family. She's the butter in Peanut Butter. With out it it's just not the same.

Thank you so much. Many Hugs and Blessings.



Genevieve said...

I'm sorry your grandma's having these serious problems, and I wish better days for her and you.

Puglette said...

i will keep her and your family in my prayers,