Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boredom gets to the boys!

My 2 youngest boys were bored yesterday. So, Lucas got a picture of what they had created! I was in amazement of their little boredom!

The sheet was removed, they have the mattress tied up with the mini blind cord! YIKES.....what's next?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Plans for this weekend!

Ok, I have plans again for this weekend. =) I am "planning" to repaint Mary-Grace's room. Poor thing, it has already been painted once, now repainting and she hasn't even moved in it yet-its empty! I should take some before and after pictures so you can see. Plus, so I can see it after I finish it. It is painted blue and yellow right now. At the time when we originally painted it we thought that would be for our lil girl and our youngest lil boy Logan. Well, since then our oldest son Lucas has decided he wants the bedroom downstairs, so Logan will get his own room too. I will have to repaint that room ugh!

Anyway, I plan to paint her room pink up top, yellow on the bottom and purple in the middle like a border. That is if DH doesn't have a coronary about the colors. =) These colors will match her Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt that I made for her. She loves that thing. I have the letters that spell her name out and they are white. That will look good over her bed. I love those things! =) Here's my post about the quilt

I still need to paint our master bathroom to match our bedroom. I need to paint the kitchen. All of this needs to be complete before we do our flooring in all of these rooms. We have our estimate and are working towards getting it done.

We still have to find a loving home for our 2 pugs Lenny & Squiggy. They are going to be left at home all day while we are at work/school. That is just too long for them to be left like that. The kids have not paid them as much attention as they said they would...... imagine that! So, before the flooring....we have to find a new home for them.

Hugs to you all. I hope that everyone gets as much work done as they are wanting to this weekend. I for one am tired of this project that we started over 5 years ago. We are so close but so far away from having our addition done. Can't wait!!

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now) =)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yard Sale today....Yeah-sold the drums!

Went to my Dad and his wife Tonya's house today and we had a yard sale. We sold our drums-Yeah!!! Sold kids clothes, cookbooks and a few toys! So glad!! =)

How is your weekend going? Very Hot Here!!

Haven't been sewing much lately. I need to repaint Mary-Grace's bedroom and get it ready for carpet. I am thinking Pink on top, Yellow on bottom and Purple strip in the middle to divide the two. Whatcha think? I made her Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt and it has these colors. =)

Well, enjoy the warmth-it will be over....eventually and we'll be complaining about it being so cold.

Take care!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Missing my boys!!

Our 3 oldest boys left out for Church Camp yesterday (the Jr. camp). Lucas went the week before last to Teen Camp and loved it! Cory and Cody haven't ever been. They haven't ever been away from Mom and Dad for this amount of time either. They will be home Friday evening.....I can't wait! Our poor little Logan just broke down this morning he really misses his boys! It was so sad. I felt for him because I know I miss our boys. I know it is a good experience for the boys and they are hearing so much right now that they really need. I can't wait to get to hear all about it when they get home. So.....hurry up week and fly by! :0)