Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yard Sale today....Yeah-sold the drums!

Went to my Dad and his wife Tonya's house today and we had a yard sale. We sold our drums-Yeah!!! Sold kids clothes, cookbooks and a few toys! So glad!! =)

How is your weekend going? Very Hot Here!!

Haven't been sewing much lately. I need to repaint Mary-Grace's bedroom and get it ready for carpet. I am thinking Pink on top, Yellow on bottom and Purple strip in the middle to divide the two. Whatcha think? I made her Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt and it has these colors. =)

Well, enjoy the warmth-it will be over....eventually and we'll be complaining about it being so cold.

Take care!!


Together We Save said...

I love being able to get rid off a buch of stuff at a yard sale!!

Lana said...

Hey there! Long time since I have dropped have been Busy! Can't wait to see what you make when you get back to please!!!! I know the bedroom will be awesome. Have a great weekend!