Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've been working here lately and it's hard to manage it all at once. Know what I mean? I want to make sure my family has a good meal while I am gone off to work. Which usually means I get it done RIGHT when I'm walking out the door. So, no dinner for me! LOL

My Dear Dear husband has been such a help. Our oldest son has been a big help too. They work together and make sure the kitchen is all cleaned up when I get home and that is just awesome! It's such a relief!!

Just wanted to blog a few thoughts of what's going on in our life right now. DH's new job is definately different. Mine is different but I really like it! Who would have thought a job and the Dairy Queen would actually be fun! Even when Kyle calls me Mamaw! I'm only 33.....I am not a Mamaw! LOL

Hugs to whomever reads this! Oh, and if you read....leave me a reply!!! It won't kill you! I promise!!! :0)


HDMac said...

I read it! Always fun to hear what is going on in your life.


Miriam said...

Love reading your posts, as always! I'm glad things are going well, and I know how hard it can be to do what you need to do and still try and have time to blog! I'm glad you're able to pop in here and there and keep up updated. Keep takin' care!

Tennille said...

So good to hear that you are enjoying your new routine and that the family is really coming together to make it work!