Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to Quilt in 5 Easy Lessons!! WOW!

All I can say is WOW! I just got the How to Quilt in 5 Easy Lessons and they are so thorough. I can't believe how Kathy puts these e-books together so brilliantly! I had just started on a Turning Twenty quilt from a pattern that I got at our local shop Notions and Whims. I'm only using 12 fat quarters to make it instead of 20 because it's for our 1 year old. I must say the material is "sew" cute!!

Back to the e-book. It is 5 step by step lessons that are so easy to understand. I can't wait until I get the top finished on the quilt that I am making to be able to use the machine quilting instructions in the e-book. My next quilt will be the one that she gives the lessons on for sure! I am so excited to have this asset.

Once you start quilting and actually see your work come together and see how good you are doing it is so exciting. I am so Thankful to Kathy from http://TeachingGoodThings.com If you haven't checked out her e-books you really should. They are so precise and full of pictures. I am one of those that has to have the picture to show me exactly what you mean. LOL She gives the picture with each step and that helps so much.

So, go on over and read what Kathy's up to. I love her blog so much that is my homepage! Great job Kathy. I can't Thank you enough. Hugs!!

Oh, I'll post some pictures of the quilt top when I finish it. It's Raggedy Ann & Andy. It's very cute (at least I think so!).

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