Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Current Blocks to be mailed.

Blocks that I put together yesterday and last night to go out in today's mail. Hope they are liked by their recipients. :)

Boom 5 Block-Craft Phanatic

Boom 5 Block-Nurse Bonnie

Boom 5 Block-Brenda21

Boom 5 Block-DonnaD-For an ISpy quilt for her Grand Daughter's 5th Birthday. :)

Boom 5 Block-Ms Grace-hard to tell but there are 3 different fabrics here. The picture really doesn't show that.

Monthly Block Swap-June-FoxFlower

Extra Block Swap-Tree-Dotcomdtcm

1 comment:

happymomonline said...

These are fabulous! I dabble in quilting, but your blocks are amazing! Are you part of an exchange? My daughter made a quilt for the county fair and got a grand champion - she was so excited! But it was so much work that she has sworn it off for a while. :-)