Friday, November 5, 2010

10 Minute Block, 3-D Pinwheel and Tube Block!

I am still waiting on my dies before I can tell you what I am planning on doing about my little giveaway.  So.....keep checking back/watching.  :-)      I will tell  you as soon as I can.  :-)

We had a ballgame last night. Our oldest son did really really well! I was so proud of him!  He stole the ball away from the other team at least 6 or 7 times! I had a sore throat by the time I left there! WHOOO HOOO!  Very exciting games. 

I have been working on some new quilt blocks to see how they turn out.  I have done the 10 minute block and the 3-D Pinwheel. I really like both of these but would have to say that I just love the pinwheel one!  I am hoping to do the Tube block over the weekend if I can squeeze in time.  It is so neat! 

If you are interested in any of these I will post the places so you can see how to make them too.
10 Minute Block:

3-D Pinwheel Block:

Tube Block:

I hope that if you look at these you will tell me what you think. I really like all 3 of them. I can't wait to get to try out the Tube block.  I will be posting some pictures of my blocks. If you make them let me know so I can check out your blocks too.  Very simple, easy blocks......lets do some quilting!!       :^)

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