Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Egg Substitute - What To Use.

I am snowed in and don't have any eggs. I wanted to make a cake but have no eggs.....so I googled egg substitute and this is what I found. Pretty neat actually!

Egg Substitute - What To Use.


Nanette said...

So, Angie..which egg sub did you choose..what cake did you bake and did you like it? And congrats to hubby on his new job...God love you. N

Angie said...

I used banana that I had froze a while back. he kids said that they could taste the banana.

It was a chocolate cake mix. I used the water, the oil and banana....no eggs.

I haven't had a piece yet. I made the icing myself and boy it's rich! LOL

Also I made another recipe w/the banana instead of using the egg. It was really good too. I'll post it later.


Melissa Peterman said...

Great idea!