Monday, March 16, 2009

It's about time I post a blog!!

Well, I've not blogged in a while. Sorry. I just haven't felt bloggy lately I suppose. We've had a lot going on and my mind has been racing. We've been sick w/the tummy bug, colds etc. The dogs have been sick and still have a touch of whatever it is. Our oldest has had an MRI done on his knee to see what he has done to it when he hurt it playing basketball. We'll find out the results of that in the morning with another appointment. The twins have an eye appointment tomorrow afternoon, one of the twins had a dentist appointment today and the dogs went to the vet this morning. Our youngest son was sick all this past week and missed all but 1 day of school. So, there's a little bit of why I've not been blogging. :0) Big grin!

So, lets catch you up with us. Umm, I was ask to go back to the church that I worked at before the baby was born. They have a Mother's Day Out program that I worked to help take care of the children. I really enjoyed it before. The ladies are some awesome ladies to work with. Very relaxed atmosphere but you're just allowed to take care of the kids and enjoy them. They have a much smaller group than when I worked there before. The kids are all different with a few exceptions. Most have gone on to Kindergarden like my boys. So sad! They just grow up so fast. I'll do this when they need me on Mon, Wed and Friday~until school lets out in May. It's only open those three days from 9-1. So, it won't be all that hard to do.

DH just accepted a new job today. The pay will be MUCH MUCH less than what he is making but he'll be home EVERY DAY!! YIPPY! That will be such a change for us all. He hasn't had a job like that since the twins were newborns. So, 8 years! I am planning on working in the evenings when he gets home to off set the income a little until his raises come through. So, I'll be Mom during the day and he'll be Mr. Mom in the evening. :0) I'll try and have dinner ready when he gets home in the evenings, maybe even have the kids all fed for him........

I just wonder how bath time and bedtime will go. My kids are the kind of kids who have to be told to go to bed. I mean.....go take your bath, go brush your teeth, go potty, go get in the bed......turn out the light. Good night........good night..... Just every step has to be given to them. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! So, he will have fun. Hey, I hope that by him telling them to go to bed they'll actually get to it faster than when I do. That would be nice. Ok, enough about that.

So, the weather today was really nice! How was your weather? It was sunny and up around 67* at one point. It was gorgeous! My DH actually turned the air on in the house! Now, I don't mind it except we sleep in the basement and it gets awful frigid in the basement!! LOL

My cousin gave me a recipe and it's really good.


2 bags Meatballs (bought mine at Wal-Mart~got the store brand $4.98 each)
2 bottles Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce (honestly think it's just the alcohol!)
OPTIONAL: Pineapple Tidbits w/the juice

Dump into crockpot and cook 2 or 3 hours.

NOTE From Me:
(THIS STUFF WAS GOOD!! I left out the pineapples. Wasn't sure how DH would eat them so I left that out. Those things were so good! I couldn't believe how they gobbled them up! LOL) You should try it sometime. That's 160 could make them and refrigerate leftovers for the next day and eat meatball sandwiches! I put some on bread and they were so very good! Or you could freeze your leftovers for a later date.)

Well, until next time when I can think of something to say. Pray for the sick, elderly and the lost. It's amazing how many lost people there are in the world. God does good work if you'll just let him!

Big Hugs,

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Miriam said...

Good grief, all that sickness and then appointments on top... whew! That is exciting about your DH's new job! You'll have to let us know how he does with bed-time :P I can't believe you've turned on the air there.. we've turned our heat off a few days here and there, but no AC yet. I'm glad you're doing well! Take care!